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My Wifes Friends Believe But What About Their Husbands

An ongoing Fantasy

"I honestly don't see what you're so worried about. It's just you and me."
"But honey please I can't serve your tea out in the yard, I mean just look at me...."
"I think you look adorable, don't you like being pretty for me?"
"Of course you know I do, but this dress is..."
"That dress is beautiful and fits you just right, Pink flatters your coloring, I wish I could wear colors like that."
"But honey someone might see me..."
"Oh so that's what's bothering you? You are so funny, All the women around here have seen you in dresses before, remember, they've seen you on your knees sucking a great big cock and getting cum shot onto your pretty face and you worry about them seeing you in your new dress. You're being so silly."
"But it's daylight and our fence is only 5 feet high, anyone looking over could see...."
"Could see what? A devoted husband serving his loving wife a cup of tea? I doubt the women around here would even bat an eye, In fact a couple of them have asked me how we came to this lovely arrangement. They want to try to make their husbands as attentive as you. You've become a role model."
"But honey, please, I know your friends know about me but what if any of their husbands come out...."
"So what if they do, do you think they'll yell at you? Call you names? "
"Honey I really don't want the men to know that I..."
"That you wear dresses for me? That you suck cocks for me? Do you remember a few days ago when we got the cage that you thought the women were talking about you?"
"Yes sweetheart I remember."
"Well do you honestly think that none of those women told their husbands?"
"I hadn't thought of that, I guess..."
"So you see you're worrying about nothing, silly Sissy, anyone who sees you probably already knows about what a wonderful sweet husband you are. Besides that you know I was thinking about how maybe we could have some fun tonight. I've got the key right here in my pocket  So you wouldn't want me to be cross with you now would you?"
"Oh yes please it feels like this thing has been on me forever, it would be so wonderful to have you release me tonight."
"Well I'm going out to the yard, you make me a nice pot of tea and bring it out and serve it and I'll definitely think about it. OK sweet Sissy?"
"Yes ma'am."
"Oh I like that, you should do a proper curtsey when you say that. We'll have to work on that. I'll be waiting for my tea outside."
She closed the door as I put the water on to boil. I smoothed down my dress and straightened my stockings and stepped out into the bright sunlight.

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Go Get The Groom

Who Knew that the limo driver would shoot so much cum in me. My maid of honor is using the last of the tissues and I'm still dripping.
I don't want cum dripping down my legs as I walk down the aisle. Go get the groom, he's been trained to clean up big messes like this, it'll be such a sweet gesture for him to suck a strangers cum out of me so that I can feel comfortable during the ceremony. I'm sure he won't mind, I mean, he's never minded before.

We Have Too Many Expenses

"Kaaren, you have to cut back your spending. I know you want to be pretty and I know that you love buying new things but if you keep going like this we'll be broke."
My wife was reviewing our bills and I was in trouble again!
"We'll just have to get rid of some things, like the pool service man. I know it's hot out and I love when we slip on our bikinis for a dip but I think we'll have to let him go. You'll have to take care of the pool from now on."
"But honey," I pleaded, "it's so hard to do. I'll tell you what, he's coming today let me see if I can negotiate a lower price, please."
"Okay but it better be really low or he'll have to go."
"I can be very persuasive sometimes."
She looked up at me and laughed. "Oh I know you can Kaaren...just let me know if an agreement."
"I'm sure I will."

The date was going so well

The date had been going so well. When he picked her up he was dressed to the nines and he had a fantastic car. He had taken her to the most exclusive restaurant in town for a fantastic dinner. The wine was expensive and exquisite. The conversation flowed easily and she was very comfortable with him right away.
She had decided almost immediately that she was goig to fuck his brains out tonight!
After dinner they went to a club for drinks and dancing. Her drink was white wine while he drank Aged Kentucky Bourbon, neat of course.
The conversation had taken a suggestive turn and she was becoming more and more aroused. So much so that at one point she placed her hand on his knee and began stroking his thigh.
She felt him tense and thought that was cute. Gazing into his blue eyes she let her hand wander further up his right leg and she felt....nothing. He must "hang" to the left she thought.
He asked her to dance again.and when they returned to the table she switched and sat to his left. Once again she placed a hand on his thigh and stroked upward and felt...nothing.
He was blushing as she placed her hand in his lap and then she felt a small bump poking her palm.
She pulled her hand away, staring at him.
Oh my God, she thought, he's hung like a 5 year old!
She pushed her wine away and taking his bourbon told him to order her another one.
She stared as he walked to the bar, "Damn it, everything was going so well, damn, damn, damn." she said aloud to herself.

She considered her options and despite his shortcomings there was still a chance to salvage the night.
He had better have a fantastic tongue because she wanted orgasms tonight and damn it he was going to give them to her one way or the other!


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